Chef Seeto’s Food Philosophy
have discovered the secret to happiness. It took a living ancient civilization to teach me what I have been searching for my entire life – fulfilment, acceptance and purpose. And along the way I discovered new foods and flavours which re-ignited my passion for cooking and helped me push the boundaries of innovation and elevation of an ancestral island cuisine.
Fiji is an undiscovered gastronomy of freshness and medicinal power that its forefathers understood could provide sustenance, tantalise the palate and heal the body. For Pacific Islanders their traditional diet was mostly a pescetarian one; rich in fresh seafood, sea vegetables, tropical fruits, root vegetables and most importantly, the Tree of Life – coconut. It was also gluten-free and dairy-free, yet mineral and vitamins rich thanks to its volcanic soils and pristine oceans.
This food blog is a tribute and showcase of traditional and modern Fijian cuisine that I have developed over a decade. The irony is not lost upon me that the one colony that the British left largely untouched, is today is both a beacon of humanity and an undiscovered culinary frontier. Pacific Island cuisine reflects the way of life in this region – simple, unadulterated and full of life.
Welcome to my culinary journey of Fiji.


Featured recipes
Serves: 4 hungry Fijians
Dietary: Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free
Total cooking time: 40 minutes
Fijian Chicken Curry
Makes 4 serves
Overnight + 30 minutes

Fijian Fish Kokoda

Overnight + 30 minutes



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