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Fijian Fish Kokoda

Kokoda (pronounced koh-kon-dah) is the South Pacific’s version of ceviche and is one of Fiji’s most recognized national dishes. Passed down through generations from the early Polynesian settlers, cubes of raw fish are cured in citrus juices overnight, and then combined with a salsa of fresh coconut, onions, tomato with a hint of chilli. Kokoda...

Day Trip to Paradise

Day Trip to Paradise

Originally published 31 August 2018 by Alexia Santamaria Fiji is famous for its idyllic tropical islands, but the most swoon-worthy tend to be quite a hike from Viti Levu. Now you can experience luxurious island life on an easy day trip from the resort town of Denaru. Alexia Santamaria discovers Malamala. I have to laugh...

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